Unstable shoulder

Unstable shoulder

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Unstable shoulder means that the joint of the shoulder become loose and it will be able to move freely in the socket. Some cases where the shoulder joint move out of the socket, the shoulder become dislocated. If not treated, it may lead to arthritis/ inflammation of the shoulder joint.

What makes a shoulder become unstable?

Shoulder dislocation is the common cause from an unstable shoulder. Dislocated shoulder must be put back into the socket manually, while the shoulder may seem normal, the joints remain instable. The ligaments that is connected to the shoulder in the socket, and the labrum (the cartilage rim around the glenoid), may be stretched or worn out, therefore it makes the shoulder unable to be kept tight in the socket, causing the joint to move to certain positions. Unstable shoulder can causes recurring number of dislocation, including normal or light activities. Unstable shoulder can also be led from minor shoulder injuries in a long run.

There might be several cases where shoulder instability might happen even without the presence of dislocation in the past. Repetitive shoulder movement may eventually worn out or weaken the joint capsule. This generally refers to athletes such as swimmer, baseball pitcher, volleyball player, etc. When the joint capsule becomes worn out and the shoulder muscles become weak, the ball of the humerus starts to move about within the shoulder. in the long run causing irritation and pain in the shoulder.

Genetic problem with the connective tissues of the body can also led to ligaments being too elastic.

What are the Symptoms of an unstable shoulder?

A persistent unstable will have a few symptoms, one of it is repetitive subluxation. Subluxation is whereby shoulder moves out of position and the presence of shoulder becoming loose. This usually happens when the hand is elevated above the head, such as during the process of throwing motion, you will feel a sudden pain as if something is slipping or pinching in the shoulder. In a long run, you will hesitate or stop moving your shoulder in a way that will cause subluxation.

At a certain point of time, the shoulder will turn out to be even looser, till it dislocate more often. As such it will become more worrisome if your shoulder cannot be put back in the socket and you have to be directed to the emergency room whenever this happens. A dislocated shoulder is by and large noticeable and it is very painful, any shoulder movements will make it even more painful. What is worse is that a dislocated shoulder can damage the nerves around the shoulder joint.

When the nerves become stretched, you may experience numbness on the outer side of the arm. In the process of the nerves recovery, some of the shoulder muscles may become weaken, however the weakness is usually short term.