Testimonials – PhysioAdvance

 Rewarding Experience!

Very friendly and takes time to explain my condition clearly. Although is hard work during the session, it is a very rewarding experience.

– Raphael Bizeau, Trader

  Amazing Experience!

Yan Ping managed to clearly identify my problem quickly. Good and clear explanation. Good advice. Friendly and warm. Exercises are diverse and interesting.

– Elaine Beh, Lawyer

 Amazing Team of Physiotherapists!

The team at PhysioAdvance is phenomenal; Wesley has been extremely professional and treatments were very effective. He offers clear explanation and is very friendly and approachable. I will strongly recommend him for any patients seeking physiotherapy treatment.

Emily is friendly and helpful and the fact that she remembers me from phone calls/messages makes the experience very personal. I appreciate that appointment times were flexible and to suit my convenience as much as possible. I was blown away by such care, consideration, attentiveness & dedication. Thank you Wesley and Emily! It has been a lovely experience coming here.

– Cindy Ow, Housewife

  Absolutely Amazing!!

The staff at PhysioAdvance impressed me with their warmth and friendliness. They were eager to help me anyway they could. Helping me schedule appointments around my busy schedule and constantly being on time, making an appointment flow smoothly.

Wesley is very knowledgeable yet approachable, listening and giving advice patiently. A trip to the clinic may usually seem daunting, but with the staff of PhysioAdvance, that never seems the case.

– Jennifer Yan Jing, Golfer
Winner of Girls British Amateur Championship &
Ladies British Amateur Strokeplay Championship 2013
Asian Games Silver Medallist 2010

  There is nothing better

Wesley Chee is excellent in expertise. Very professional and caring that cannot be experienced in public service.

Emily is very professional and very attentive. Excellent in service. Happy to have the best service.

– Victoria Urbano, Cytotechnologist

  Word Class Service

Emily is very professional. She follows up via phone to remind me of my appointments. She can communicate very clearly.

Wesley has very good bedside manners. He is not intimidating and takes time to explain my medical/physical condition and therapy in layman’s terms. Very nice and very clean clinic and office.Friendly and cheerful staff. Appointments are on time. Do not need to wait for a long time. This is very important. Keep it up!

– Horca Emil Joajoco, HR Manager

  Proper Explanation Given

Good explanation what back problem I have and can provide me with the solution.

– Kitamura Toru, Engineer

  Knowledgeable Physio

Always patient in explaining and answering any questions I have. Of the five physiotherapists that I have seen the last three years for the same problem, Yan Ping is by far the best.

– Aw Jet Chin, Creative Group Head

  Very Thoughtful Staff

Very committed staff. Under Wesley’s excellent care, I have recovered. Emily is a very conscientious staff who takes care to even Whatsapp me to remind me of the appointments. Certainly worth recommendation.

– Derek Tan, Civil Servant

  Truly amazing service

Emily (PhysioAdvance staff) continued to respond my appointment changes even after office hours (on several occasions). She made it a point to make sure I’m reminded of my appointments (either through phone/sms).

– Eddie Luar, Commercial Manager

  Absolutely Mind-Blowing

The staff at PhysioAdvance are knowledgeable, caring and attentive.

I particularly liked the fact that Wesley supervises the exercises to ensure that correct form is being maintained throughout. They provide an all-around excellent service and I am sorry that I am returning to live in Australia and leave such a good practice.

Second Testimonial:

Wesley, I can’t thank you enough for helping my poor knees and ITB achieve the ultimate endurance that is an 18-day trek to Mt Everest Base Camp. Without your help I’d still be in Lukla at the airport. You are an amazing Physio. Thank you!

– Jennifer Hutchinson, Fitness Instructor

  Nothing comes close!

I have to say that I started physiotherapy with low expectations and was ready to turn to other medical procedures that could offer a faster recovery with less personal effort.  Over the months though, Wesley has helped me to value physiotherapy and physiotherapists. He is well versed in his field, applied his knowledge to fit my needs at different stages of recovery and regression and has been both encouraging and disciplined in making sure I carried out the required exercises at home.  Physiotherapy has helped my condition to improve greatly and in a totally healthy and non-invasive way.  Big thanks to Wesley for being a caring and highly competent specialist!

– Grace Tan, Bank Officer