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Postural and Gait analysis
Postural & Gait Analysis– Back and neck discomfort can result from working on the computer for long hours.  Similarly, pain at the knee and ankle joints can occur during runs and walks. Postural & gait analysis involves the identification of biomechanical problems and compensatory movements that contribute to injuries.  This will in turn allow the therapist to prescribe personalised exercises to correct the movements and assist with recovery.
Soft Tissue Massages

Soft Tissue Massages– Soft tissue massage involves direct physical action on the soft tissues of the body. The target structures include the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other connective tissue such as fascia. Soft tissue techniques include a whole range of massage depths, pressures and durations.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports Performance Enhancement – Having problems with your tennis serves or golf swings? Injuries are not the only cause for decreased performance in sports. Poor endurance or flexibility in certain muscle groups can contribute as well. Sports Performance Enhancement involves the analysis of skills and techniques involved in specific sports and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Sports Kinesiology Taping- Sports taping is the practice of wrapping supportive tape around areas of the body during sport to protect them from injury or aid recovery from a previous injury.

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