Leg Length Discrepancies

Leg Length Discrepancies

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Do you know that many of us have some sort of leg length difference?

While most of us generally have no issues with that, (due to our wonderful ability to adapt and accommodate) some of us develop musculoskeletal pains because of the unequal load and stress we place on the legs over time.

This is even more apparent in people who do sports such as running and racket games because of the impact we place on our knee and ankle joints.

Common causes of leg length differences are due to structural problems like scoliosis (unnatural curvature in the spine), operation done to the legs as well as being flat footed on one side.

Leg length differencesThe picture above shows a shorter left leg when we do clinical measurements in the clinic.

If it’s found to be a major cause for your pain, you can approach a physio to correct the muscle imbalance that comes along with this condition.

Physios can also work with podiatrists to correct your running and walking technique to reduce the stress in the affected joint.

Of course, if the length difference is too big, insoles can also be customised and prescribed by the podiatrists to offer support and correction.