High Ankle Sprain

High Ankle Sprain

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What is High Ankle Sprain?

 A high ankle sprain is whereby there is a tear and injured high ankle ligaments. As compared to the commonly injured ligaments outside the ankle, the high ankle ligaments are located right above it, connecting the tibia to the fibula. It is significantly essential to have a balance between the tibia and fibula as there are substantial amount of impact that go through this joints while walking and jogging. Reason being some rotation of the fibula relating to the tibia is controlled by these ligaments. High ankle sprain are much rare as compared to the traditional ankle sprain.

Symptoms of High Ankle Sprain

A high ankle sprain happens by twisting or rotational injury. High ankle sprain can also happen from an ankle fracture. Many patients reported that they felt pain above the ankle from the twisted foot or felt pain while walking and there are often sign of bruising and swelling across the higher ankle rather than around the malleolus. Also the severity of the ankle sprain is according the the grade of the ankle sprain; Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.

Patients with a high ankle sprain without fracture may be able to bear weight, but will have pain over the junction between the tibia and fibula just above the level of the ankle. This is higher than the more traditional sprains.

What are the cause of high ankle sprain

​High Ankle sprain happens from rotational injury, similar to ankle fractures. An outer rotation, the foot is twist out from the leg, causing the ligaments to tear. These injuries usually happen during sport activities, particularly the impact sports.